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Advantages of Computer Games For the Brain

Despite the dangers associated with playing computer games, these activities have many benefits for the brain. Not only do they provide mental stimulation, but they also improve memory and coordination skills. In fact, video games are so popular among children and adults alike that a study was done to determine the advantages of computer games for the brain. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of computer games for the brain. Then, you’ll be able to argue for them with your children!

Among the benefits of playing video games, one of the most common is the ability to reduce stress. Researchers have found that people who play video games for at least 3 hours a week have 32% fewer errors during surgery. This is an impressive achievement, considering that surgeons often perform procedures with small incisions. This suggests that playing computer games can have a number of benefits, including improving our vision and hand-eye coordination.

While some video games promote physical fitness, many also have emotional benefits. Some of them require physical action and are designed to keep gamers in shape. Others are purely educational, helping children learn alphabets and numbers. While video games can provide psychological benefits, they shouldn’t be played in excess. As with any other activity, there are risks of overdoing it. So if you’re worried about playing video games too much, try these healthy benefits!

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