Is Paint Pouring Abstract Art?

If you have ever seen a paint pouring art work, you’ve likely wondered: Is paint pouring abstract art? The answer depends on how you define the term. Some people consider it abstract, while others are more traditional. In any case, pouring art is definitely an interesting technique. The process involves using free-flowing acrylic paint and pouring medium. The acrylic paints are then tilted to pour the paint onto a canvas or board, creating fluid art.

There are several techniques you can try with paint pouring, including dirty and straight pouring. You’ll want to make sure you use a level surface when you pour the paint to get the best result. If you want to create more interesting paintings, use metallic or glitter paints. You’ll find that pouring paint requires very little painting and creates a dramatic effect. Learn more about paint pouring by signing up for an abstract art class.

The paint ratios that work best will vary for everyone. Try varying the silicone and dimethicone in the mixture. Use a few drops of each color. It’s best to clean the canvas well before pouring. If there are leftover silicone or dimethicone, it may cause the sealant to pit the canvas. A flat surface is also important. If you’re using silicone, try not to use it in the white or metallic colors.

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